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70 bus 0 km com ar conditioned to start in fifth (07)


Rub face part of a total lot of 169 units and will provide services in the lines of Bacia C, which were operated by CSN and by the intervention of prefeitura


A prefecture of Salvador made its appearance on manhã desta terça-feira, on September 5, 2021, of a crush of 70 buses at zero kilometers com-conditioned and announced that the start of operations will be given from this fifth-fair (07).

Total withdrawal, 40 units of OTRANS and 30 others of Platform.

The vehicles will mainly not circulate on lot C, corresponding to the lines served by the CSN (Concessionária Salvador Norte), which has concluded or terminated the prefecture contract entered into locally.

No speech of presentation of the pack, or prefeito Bruno Reis lembrou das difficulties to grant or lot C for other companies by way of call for tenders. In all attempts, there was no success.

“From janeiro to that, we made a difficult decision regarding the intervention of the CSN. And, after agreeing to an agreement, we will give the intervention for direct execution. It is difficult for a prefecture to carry out direct intervention and the execution of part of the transport system. You have to buy parts for maintenance and fuel. The Nenhuma company is interested in taking over the management of Bacia C, due to the risk of commercial success and a passive order of R $ 400 million. As a result, for six months we assume direct execution, and last week after the loss of business success or risk we distribute as lines for the other two consortia. We must offer conditions to the inhabitants of this part of the city, for those most affected by the CSN crisis ”, dissed no speech.

The 70 fazem buses are part of a total lot of 169 vehicles with Caio chassis and Mercedes-Benz chassis, as shown o Diário do Transporte August 9, 2021.


EXCLUSIVO: Empresas de ônibus de Salvador compram 169 veículos da Mercedes-Benz

Bruno Reis estimates that at the end of this month or the beginning of November, the system will have the remaining 99 buses, also under conditions.

Or preferably I also informed that the companies would also place more than 150 seminovo buses, between bought and alugados, to operate in lot C.

On a note, the prefecture informs the lines that it will be taken care of the hair of the vehicles as ar-conditioned.


Linha 1001 – Airport x Praça da Sé
Linha 1007 – Lapa x Jardim das Margaridas
Linha 1035 – Airport x Praça da Sé (via Garibaldi)
Linha 1372 – Jardim Nova Esperança / Vilamar x Lapa / Comércio (via Trobogy)

2) Platform

Linha 0713 – Santa Cruz x Calçada / Bonfim
Linha 0728 – North-East x Ribeira
Linha 0907 – Boca do Rio x Ribeira
Line 1049 – Estação Mussurunga x Alto do Coqueirinho
Line 1055 – Estação Mussurunga x Ribeira / São Joaquim
Line 1060 – Estação Mussurunga x São Joaquim
Line 1077 – Estação Mussurunga x KM 17
Line 1078 – Estação Mussurunga x Stella Maris
Linha 2006 – Metrô Retiro x Santa Monica / Pituba


No speech, nor prefeito Bruno Reis affirms that the value of the ticket does not benefit either the bank or the transport system and that the CSN intervenes around 206 million reais.

“Salvador never set up real public transport. A rate of pay or system e, hoje, no pay but. The R $ 4.40 of passage without date in advance for the payment system. It is an expensive operation. All over the world there is a subsidy for public transport. Not here Brazil no. Between 2020 and 2021, we have placed R $ 206 milhões no service, with intervention and execution carried out at the CSN. However, we do not have any subsidiary conditions or public transport. Agora, with the operation of lines for other companies, we stop using public transport on a monthly basis or public transport ”, dissect.


O prefeito Bruno Reis announced on March 27, 2021, or breach of contract as a consortium alleging various irregular operations, tax authorities and workers. Second or prefeito, divided by CSN são of R $ 516 milhões.

Your services are on the intervention of the prefeitura since June 16, 2020 and, as expired, they will become of interest to the responsibility of the public power.


Prefeitura de Salvador rescinde contrato com a CSN – Concessionária Salvador Norte

By noting the day of the breach of the contract, the CSN (Concessionária Salvador Norte) demands from the direction of the prefeitura non setor of transport and chegou to classify the restruturação of the system carried out by the public power as a “disaster”.

On a note, CSN also said that the prefecture was “omitted” by “fulfilling its non-contractual part” in six years and critical or prefeito, whose position was classified as “arrogant” and even used or qualified as “incompetence” or referring to Atuação do Sindicato dos Trabalhadores does not make deadlock.


CSN chama restruturação dos transportes de Salvador de “desastre” e fala em cobrança na Justiça

Adamo Bazani, journalist specializing in transport

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