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Against privatization, Carris workers announce strike for second (23) in Porto Alegre


According to the category union, nenhum ônibus sairá da garagem in the early morning


It depends on two buses from Carris, a public collective transport company in Porto Alegre, you have to be careful because you can attend this second fair, on August 23, 2021.

O Stetpoa (Sindicato dos Rodoviários de Porto Alegre) is planning a strike by two workers for an indefinite period.

By agreement with the entity, the nenhum bus must leave the garage in the early hours of the day.

Or the reason gives paralysis and the possibility of privatization of Carris, currently at the top of the oldest public bus company in operation.

A project sent by the prefeito Sebastião Melo anticipating the privatization of the company is being processed at the Municipal Chamber

WHERE Diário do Transporte announced the assinatura do projeto on June 15, 2021.


Prefeito de Porto Alegre assina projeto de lei para privatizar a Carris, empresa de ônibus pública

On August 12, 2021, Carris officials will organize a demonstration against the main streets of the central region of Porto Alegre against the de-statization project.


Rodoviários fazem protesto em Porto Alegre contra privatização da Carris


Carris has been around for 150 years

To Carris, responsible for the operation of 22 bus lines – between them, all transversal – plus 19 lines of the Porto Alegre transport system, carries more than 110,000 passengers per day.

Raised by a decree assassinated by Dom Pedro II on June 19, 1872 (decree n ° 4985), to the company Carris de Ferro Porto-Alegrense.

In this portal, the company gathers a calendar with the main facts of its history.

06/19/1872 – Fundação da Cia. Carris by Ferro Porto-Alegrense.

01/05/1873 – First trip of a bonde da Carris to Porto Alegre, in the lineage of Menino Deus.

1874 – Fim da Revolta dos Muckers – Carris doa 100 mules for the army.

01/15/1893 – Fundação da Carris Urbanus (Moinhos, Floresta e Partenon lines).

03/24/1906 – The merger of Carris de Ferro Porto-Alegrense Company and Carris Urbanus was born from Companhia Força and Luz Porto-Alegrense.

03/10/1908 – The first electrical connection enters into circulation.

1914 – Go around or last bung puxado a mule.

– The first bus runs to Porto Alegre, owned by Amador dos Santos Fernandes and Manoel Ramirez. A Cia Força e Luz Porto-Alegrense sells its factories to CEERG, created in 1923, owned by the Electric Bond & Share group and becomes Cia Carris Porto-Alegrense.

09/13/1928 – Carris is now managed by the North American company Electric Bond & Share, a member of the group led by General Electric.

1929 – Entry into service of the first Auto-ônibus da Carris, Yellow Coach model.

1939-1944 – During World War II, when Brazil went through several periods of fuel rationing. Vehicles that need oil and gasoline are forced to cut back on their activities. Or overloaded physical freight transport, Carris is putting 16 reserve cars into service, increasing to a total of 85 for 101 vehicles. It was also during the period of the Second World War, when a large part of the company crews were required by the Army. Carris is tempted to hire women for the driving service (collection of passage), more adapted and prohibited by the Ministry of Labor of the governorate of Getúlio Vargas.

1952 – The successive strikes and the obvious disinterest of two North Americans give Bond & Share in manter or in transport by levam obligations a Prefeitura to intervene in the company. José Antonio Aranha, Irmão do Minister Oswaldo Aranha, assumes the function of controller.

1953 – During one of the days of service of bondes da Carris, or musician Lupicínio Rodrigues – who had worked in the company in 1930 as an apprentice mechanic – was inspired by compor or Hino do Grêmio, whose initial verses refer to the lack of transport to bring you torcedores até or estadio: “Até a Pé we will go; for where to der e vier; I know more or more than we will be; Com o Grêmio wave or Grêmio estiver ”.

– Apos or intervention period, in Prefeitura, in the management of Ildo Meneghetti, Camp Carris, assuming or controlling the stock. Law 1069, which determines the encampação, and approved by 17 votes to two of the House of Vereadores.

1956 – Carris closes or transports the service by bus, transferring its vehicles to the Autonomous Department of Collective Transport (DATC).

1964 – Carris started operating a trolleybus system (electric buses), initially with five vehicles and more than four. However, problems adapting the voltage to the impedem network or operating the service

29/09/1966 –Companhia takes back or bus transport. Three connections da Linha Duque are replaced by diesel buses, start-up or process which will result in two electrical connections.

05/19/201969 – Getting around or last trolleybus.

05/06/1969 – Bondes da Avenida Assis Brazil are replaced by bus

26/10/1969 – Linhas Petrópolis e Gasômetro-Escola also exchanges vouchers by bus

08/03/1970 – We are running the last electrical connections near the Parthenon, Glória and Teresópolis lines. Houve solidade farewell, to which the Prefect and the authorities will appear. Anyone can travel for free. At 8:30 p.m., or the last electricity was collected at the bung depot.

1973 – In February, Carris moves its head office to Rua Albion, in the eastern area of ​​Porto Alegre.

1974 – The company creates the Escola de Motoristas.

1976 – Início da operação das transversais linhas: T1, T2, T3 and T4.

1976-1979 – Establishment of two bus corridors in Porto Alegre.

1977 – Implantação da Linha Campus-Ipiranga, connecting or recently inaugurated Campus do Vale da Ufrgs, as a city center, also passing in front of the PUC.

13/10/1980 – Established at a single rate in Porto Alegre. The bus lines are redistributed between the network managers.

1982 – Departures or circulation of two circular lines without Center.

1989 – Chambermaid on line T5 of the Sala da Memória Carris, at the headquarters of the Companhia.

1990 – In operation up to line T6.

Year one thousand nine hundred ninety-five – Located in linha T1 Direta.

1997 – He started to travel towards the T2A line.

1998 – Start traffic on the T7.

1999 – Housekeeper at linha T8.

2000 – Inaugurated as the T9, T9 IPA and T10 lines.

2003 – Criação da Linha Turismo, as a historic center.

14/11/2006 – Carris begins to operate on the 3rd ring road T11, which crosses the entire extension of the most important road works of Porto Alegre, Salgado Filho airport, in the north area, até or Bairro Teresópolis, in the south area of ​​the city.

2007 – A Frota da Carris begins to function as a Bilhetagem Eletrônica system.

08/09/2007 – Carris buses will start running on Biodiesel, a less polluting fuel.

06/21/2008 – Official handover of the headquarters of Carris officials.

19/04/2009 – Instalação das first televisões nos ônibus da Carris.

2010 – Criação de duas linhas sociais to assist school groups and social entities, dedicated to the tempo da Carris line.

2010 – Inauguração da linha social Territórios Negros. A linha conducts historical research on cities representative of Afro-Brazilian culture.

2011 – Delivery of the first bus for the Bicho Amigo social line. Thanks to a partnership with the Special Secretary dos Direitos dos Animais. O vehicle functions as a traveling clinic for sterilizations.

2011 – Delivery of more um vehicle for Linha Bicho Amigo. Or the bus transports animals from families in a situation of social vulnerability.

04/11/2011 – Institutionalization of the Unidade de Documentação e Memória da Carris (UDM).

16/12/2011 – Início da operação da Linha C4 safe ballad.

09/03/2012 – Start of operation of Linha T11A.

01/11/2013 – Carris delivers 13 new articulated buses to the community.

09/26/2013 – Carris invests in the quality of the work of its employees and inaugurates the T3 and T4 Sul terminals.

08/22/2014 – Carris reinforces the safety of our buses with the installation of 1,484 cameras.

11/26/2014 – Companhia Carris Porto-Alegrense receives certification from the Society of the City, from the Regional Accounting Council of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

03/09/2015 – Carris delivers 50 new buses (35 conventional and 15 articulated) to the population of Porto Alegre.

02/22/2016 – Carris starts operating the T12, T12.1, T12A and T13 transverse lines.

Adamo Bazani, journalist specializing in transport

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