Autonomous micro-bus that hits Paralympic athlete, Japan will no longer run, Toyota says


The automaker says it will increase the number of two-vehicle approach alerts to two, use a manual steering system and educate operators to meet the safety needs of two athletes, two Paralympics.


Toyota informed the press during this second fair, on August 30, 2021, that the e-Palette micro-buses will return to operate in Vila Olímpica no Japão.

Or return of transport deve ocorrer já nesta terça-feira, August 31, 2021.

As i showed you Diário do TransporteDuring the last fifth fair (26), one of the units was knocked down by a visually impaired Japanese judoka Aramitsu Kitazono, 30.

Kitazono sofreu in fermentation on the head and legs.

The official version, or vehicle, carried five passengers and two officials accompanying the autonomous walk of the ‘e-Palette’ micro-bus.

Japanese reporters will report that the two officials who broadcast that either the micro-bus was stopping, rather than the acionaram or the boot boot, as they believed the athlete would stop crossing and the vehicle would pull over. breakdown.

You are professionals who are not an athlete or have a flare or other sign of visual impairment and a transit warden is not local.

Because it is electric, or vehicle, you have very low noise levels.


Micro-ônibus autônomo atropela atleta das paraolimpíadas no Japão

Not communicated this second show (30), Toyota informed that the Paralympic organizing committee and the company will take measures to make the autonomous micro-bus safer:

Security measures initiated

You pedestrian

The organizing committee will reiterate the specifications of the walking environment in Vila dos Athletes and the rules of movement in Vila during o Meet two team leaders two athletes on other occasions.

The vehicles

Toyota will increase the volume of two vehicle approach alerts, use the manual steering system and educate operators to meet the safety needs for the diversity of people exclusive to the Paralympic Games. Packages include:

  • Automatic steering – moving on manual acceleration / deceleration and stationary
  • Increased volume of two approach alert wires
  • Increase in the number of crew members

To infrastructures, including guides

Increase in the number of guides and increase in capacity. Specifically, for operations that appear to be the equivalent of two Olympic Games, guides must be trained to meet the various pedestrian needs that are unique to two Paralympic Games. Examples:

  • Establish a system that can work and not place two traffic lights to guide vehicles and pedestrians safely.
  • Increase the number of guides we meet (two atuais six for more than 20)
  • Divide the guides into two groups, one specific to vehicles and the other specific to pedestrians.

After taking these events, ensuring time for the training of people on site and performing tests, the organizing committee has determined that operations will resume from 3:00 p.m. Terça-Feira on August 31, 2021.

Toyota will continue to make melhorias not day to day, just after the restart of operations, the date or the date of Vila dos Atletas dos Jogos Paraolímpicos and will continue to cooperate as an organizing committee to ensure the safety of two athletes and other people involved.

Adamo Bazani, journalist specializing in transport

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