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Demonstration of delayed workers leaving the bus of EAOSA no ABC Paulista


Som vehicle in front of garage in Mauá (SP)

Começaram vehicles in deixar as garage owners from your departure 5:30 am


This required two services of EAOSA (Société Santo André Auto Ônibus) encountered difficulties in the early hours of this Terça Fair, July 27, 2021.

A company connects the municipalities of ABC Paulista and also has lines in the region as its capital.

In accordance with EMTU (Metropolitan Society of Urban Transport), whose management or system, has trade union action in front of the garage that is in the city of Mauá.

The first buses, which must be vacated before 3:30 am, will not arrive in a garage until 5:30 am.

According to EMTU, at the moment all lines are functioning normally.

OR Diário do Transporte While waiting for the return of Sintetra, which is the union of two non-ABC transport workers, to discover two reasons for the action.

Recently, several inquiries have been made to a company which is a new owner of the CNPJ.

No judicial recovery area of ​​the BJS Group (Baltazar José de Sousa), which has been in operation since 2012 for the Justiça de Manaus and is the two longest in the history of urban and metropolitan bus companies in the country, as brands EAOSA and Viação Ribeirão Pires foram accumulated for R $ 7.5 milhões.

A formal request was made to ALL Transportes Eireli, which registered an office in the city of Diadema and the registered capital, in agreement with the judges (Chamber of Commerce of the State of São Paulo), of 99.8 thousand R $.


Empresa registrada em sala de Diadema ofereceu R$ 7,5 milhões pela EAOSA e Viação Ribeirão Pires

Or read it directly to or use two names from EAOSA and Viação Ribeirão Pires.

That is a value of R $ 7.5 million, not counting the purchase of garage, buses and other goods.

Adamo Bazani, journalist specializing in transport

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