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Electric buses named as examples of Pre-COP 26 climate actions in the capital of São Paulo


Electric bus in Moscow

Prefeito Ricardo Nunes reaffirmed the pledge of 20% of collectives in eletricidade e Moscow highlighted by 750 electric buses in circulation


Os ônibus elétricos ganharam highlights our debates on climate change in “Pre-COP 26”, an event to be held at this sixth fair, on October 8, 2021, in the capital of São Paulo, as a prelude to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP 26), which will take place in Glasgow (UK), in November this year.

No event in the city of São Paulo, representatives from various countries present experiences in areas such as the city’s environmental policy; Climate Plan; Urban mobility; Environmental education and waste management.

Not on the first day of the meeting, this fifth fair, October 7, 2021, where the city of São Paulo reaffirmed the promise of a third year or less 20% of all some 13 thousand buses atuais of electric models.

“We have no Climate Plan or commitment to reduce stove gas emissions by 50% in 2030 and by 100% in 2050. In this context, we have a few more buses in the world and we will replace, no minimum, 20% by electric bus. Isso will provide very good transport quality with regard to the emission of polluting gases ”, Ricardo Nunes highlighted, according to the prefeitura note.

As i showed you Diário do TransporteAt present, only 219 vehicles are moved to the capital of São Paulo to eletricidade, being 201, são trólebus (connected to the air network).

According to the plans prepared by the roads and presented by SPTrans (São Paulo Transporte), manager of the system, 2,620 electric buses should be running in 2021 to meet the objectives of reducing atmospheric emissions present in the contracts awarded in 2019.

The city of São Paulo appears in a new issue per month of its objective program: 2.6 thousand new electric buses will be added to come up against 2024.

WHERE Diário do Transporte It has shown that as a consequence of two economic and logistical effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the requests for a slider truck or the progress of the implementation of the new frozen foram transport network.


Estudos para implantação de nova rede de ônibus em São Paulo serão retomados após pandemia, diz SPTrans


At the opening of the event in São Paulo, Anton Kulbachevskiy, head of the Moscow Department of Natural Resources Management and Environmental Protection, said that the city currently has 750 electric buses and that I I attended 2025 all the other buses that emit emission gases from the stove operação devem deixar as ruas da capital russa.

“We avoid more polluting cars. Since 2020, we have reduced our emissions by 25%. This year, for the first time, Moscow is applying $ 1 billion to green quests. There are 750 electric buses in Moscow, in 2025 we will stop all the others that pollute the environment “


The city of São Paulo highlights other events related to mobility and the environment.

At the opening of the event, Ricardo Nunes highlighted some of the actions carried out by the city of São Paulo such as an edition of R $ 350 million for the construction of calçadas, the expansion of green spaces with the creation of new parks and conservation units, chuva gardens, elaboração do PlanClima, reduction of taxes for electric vehicles, implantation of hydroviário transport, DRT, Ecotourism pole and depoluição do Rio Pinheiros.

Secondly, currently, the city of São Paulo has 48.13% of its territory with vegetation cover, which represents two challenges: to maintain it and to extend it as chuva gardens. “A non-C40 goal is for each city to have 30% of the area covered with vegetation. We just passed these clues and we’re going wide. We will encourage more or use the bike. A business should start, in the coming weeks, at the location of the scooters ”, disse or Nunes, depending on the note.

Municipal Secretary of International Relations Marta Suplicy said that for the expansion of environmental actions in the city of São Paulo, international support is essential.

“We need investments and international contacts. For isso we fear to differentiate ourselves from the Brazilian environmental policy. Donate or invite foreign personalities of international importance, to understand that São Paulo is a bastion in the defense of the environment and feito muito ”, says Marta Suplicy.

Adamo Bazani, journalist specializing in transport

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