FAOL continues for more than 12 months with a rate of R $ 4.20 and R $ 400,000 in grants per month


The agreement was signed during the judicial hearing of this third tribunal (31); Assim, Itapemirim is completely excluded in Nova Friburgo


Associate Jessica Marques

In Nova Faol, I will continue for more than 12 months to operate in emergency in Nova Friburgo (RJ).

The public tariff will be R $ 4.20 and the operation will count with courier subsidies of R $ 400,000 during this period.

These are some two terms of the hearing in Justiça chaired, nesta terça-feira, on August 31, 2021, head of the 3rd Vara Civel of Nova Friburgo Fernando Luís Gonçalves de Moraes, between the bus company, preferred by the public prosecutor.

In addition, Itapemirim is totally excluded in Nova Friburgo and can now be sanctioned for non-execution or a contract murdered on June 25, 2021, for which he has promised to assume the municipal lines for 12 months.

Once agreed, the prefecture also undertakes to grant a six-month suspension from 01/09/2021 with regard to any overdue administrative debts.

Legal proceedings between the parties are canceled.

See the subjects of the agreement.

1]FAOL will continue to supply or serve public transport for a period of twelve months from the effective conclusion of the emergency contract, being certain that, for the time being, it will continue to supply the same molds which are currently in operation. realization course;

2]It is agreed that the value of the fees will be maintained at R $ 4.20 (four thousand reais and twenty cents) and that the monthly subsidy to be paid by the Municipality of Nova Friburgo will be R $ 400,000.00 (four thousand reais);

3]By rubbing your costumes, they will be kept in our traditional molds;

4]The parties undertake to formalize the clauses of the emergency contract within 30 (thirty) days in order to guarantee greater transparency and legal certainty;

5]The Municipality undertakes to grant the suspension of the recovery of overdue ISS and of the judicial execution for a period of four months from 01/09/2021 in order to allow a greater balance of the company FAOL, as well that to guarantee the payments TTC or the 13, at rest – I know that there is no waiver of the receita but with the postponement of the payment deadline;

6]The Municipality also undertakes to grant a six-month suspension from 01/09/2021 concerning any outstanding administrative debts, stressing that there will be no withdrawal of receipt but with a postponement of the payment deadline;

7]The FAOL Company must continue to pay or pay taxes and other verbas daqui for the front;

8]While other processes exist, including this lawsuit, relating to the values ​​of fees and the payment of subsidies, the parties agree to the immediate appointment of a legal expert to carry out two calculations of liability, balance economic-financial and possible values ​​to pay or to receive, being certain that the case has values ​​to be paid by the Municipality, it must be carried out in return for a tributary compensation, we are subject to a possible agreement between the parties on payment method.

As i showed you Diário do Transporte, o Grupo Itapemirim does not respond to Johnny May’s notification asking for clarification on the company’s announced intention not to take on municipal bus transport.


https://diariodotransporte.com.br/2021/08/19/viacao-itapemirim-nao-responde-a-notificacao-da-prefeitura-de-nova-friburgo-sobre-intencao-de-desistir-de-operar- onibus-urbanos-na-cidade /

To the municipal management ainda informou ao Diário do Transporte, which, after all the prazos are exhausted, will be responsible for Itapemirim, will be configured at the end of the contract, or which can be carried out in sanços according to federal laws.

Itapemirim has a set time for Justiça de até or end of September 2021 to start na cidade operations, using this time to organize or operate the system.

Relembre: https://diariodotransporte.com.br/2021/07/15/justica-da-prazo-ate-final-de-setembro-para-viacao-itapemirim-inicio-operacao-de-transporte-em-nova- friborg /

A deal to buy from Nova Faol, the city’s current operator, Pela Itapemirim, ended up failing to flourish, with mutual accusations over the thermos vacations of trading like prices and values.

In Nova Faol, for the moment, you can announce the departure of the system, turned back on August 3, 2021 and, by means of a prefectural communication, to continue the operation or the collective transport even after the term stipulated in liminal. judicial that obrigava A company to operate from I August 24.


https://diariodotransporte.com.br/2021/08/04/nova-faol-agora-diz-que-quer-ficar-no-transporte-publico-em-nova-friburgo-rj-e-itapemirim-nao- detail-rub /


Not on August 13, 2021, he revealed that Itapemirim had been notified to public authority the day before of a request to terminate a one-year emergency operating contract, assassinated on June 25, 2021.


Itapemirim pede anulação de contrato para operar em Nova Friburgo, diz prefeitura

Not on the same day, Itapemirim confirmed in a report that there was no longer any interest in assuming the municipal lines, except that, possibly, he could participate in an offer for a regular contract with a duration higher operating rate.


https://diariodotransporte.com.br/2021/08/13/itapemirim-confirma-que-quer-anular-contrato-de-urbanos-em-nova-friburgo-mas-diz-que-tem-interesse-em- licitacao /

Not August 14, 2021, or Nova Friburgo prefeito, Johnny Maycon, deu as an ultimatum or August 18, 2021 for Itapemirim to honor or contract for the provision of urban services murdered on June 25, 2021.


https://diariodotransporte.com.br/2021/08/16/prefeito-de-nova-friburgo-da-ate-quarta-feira-18-ultimato-a-itapemirim-e-fala-que-vai-alertar- sao-jose-dos-campos-on-the-post-of-the-company-which-desistiu-de-contract /

No day August 19, 2021, the prefecture confirmed that no houve nenhuma resposta da Itapemirim


https://diariodotransporte.com.br/2021/08/19/viacao-itapemirim-nao-responde-a-notificacao-da-prefeitura-de-nova-friburgo-sobre-intencao-de-desistir-de-operar- onibus-urbanos-na-cidade /

On August 26, 2021, the prefecture informed you that Itapemirim would continue to respond.


https://diariodotransporte.com.br/2021/08/26/prefeitura-de-nova-friburgo-diz-que-continua-sem-resposta-da-itapemirim-expectativa-e-para-audiencia-com-nova- faol-na-justica /

Adamo Bazani, journalist specializing in transport

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