Greve na Carris de Porto Alegre continues and the EPTC faces a special operation with private companies


Justiça determined at or less 65% of the friction in circulation


Between this sixth fair, September 3, 2021, and not the second day, a partial paralysis of two workers of the public bus company of Porto Alegre, in Carris.

A Justiça do Trabalho has determined that at least 65% of this work is active with an expected fine of R $ 20,000 per year for the union for non-compliance.

At EPTC (Société de Transport Public et de Circulation), system manager, set up a special operating regime with consortia of private companies to eliminate, in the absence of Carris contracts on certain lines, more or more time interval between buses or higher or usual.

The operation was prepared as follows, in accordance with the TCPS:

SUL Consortium: T3, T11, T12 / T12A

LESTE consortium: T6, T9, 343

MOB Consortium: T4, T1, T7

Cia. Carris: C1, C2, C3, 353, D43, T2 / T2A, T2A1, T8, T10 T13, V375, T5

The workers are protesting against the plans of the law prefeito Sebastião Melo to privatize Carris and to extinguish the function of two collectors.

As i showed you Diário do Transporte, No sign of the fourth night of the fair, on September 1, 2021, by 21 votes for and 12 against, the City Council of Porto Alegre approved the bill of prefeito Sebastião Melo that creates the Program of Extinção Gradativa da Função de Cobrador de Transporte Collective by Ônibus do Município.

By the way, it plans a gradual function of the collector function in 2026 and is one of Melo’s various projects to reduce the costs of the city’s transport system.


Câmara de Porto Alegre aprova extinção da função de cobrador de ônibus até 2026

Adamo Bazani, journalist specializing in transport

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