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São Bernardo do Campo will not have flexible hours such as Plano São Paulo, diz Orlando Morando


Orlando Morando in social networks

The bus continues to operate in the same way after 10 p.m. Occupancy restrictions and hours in commercial establishments and services remain unchanged.


By transmission in social networks, or prefeito de São Bernardo do Campo, Orlando Morando, I announced on the night of this fifth fair, August 5, 2021, that, as well as more flexible planned for Plano São Paulo against covid- 19, from Governor João Doria, as of August 17, to the city of ABC Paulista will keep the same rules atuais practiced in the municipality.

Assim, according to Morando’s declaration, the occupations and opening hours of the establishments will not be changed.

As i showed you Diário do Transporte, Doria has announced that as of August 17, 2021, there will be no more restrictions on hours and capacity to occupy commercial and service activities.


https://diariodotransporte.com.br/2021/07/28/doria-anuncia-flexibilizacao-do-plano-sao-paulo-contra-a-covid-19-com-atividades-ate-meia-noite-e- 80-da-capacity /

Orlando Morandona transmits, it is said that in São Bernardo do Campo there will always be restrictions on the hours and occupations of commercial establishments and services.

“O Plano São Paulo will be changed from the 17. We are not going to change. Then a lot of attention: In São Bernardo will continue or attend at 10 p.m. with tolerance at 11 p.m. with a capacity of 60%” – disse nesta quinta-feira (05).

The services of drive and withdrawal of food without balcony (take-out) continue até meia noite.

Valet or manobrista services are authorized.

Convenience stores, churches and temples can be open at 11 p.m.

Já os petrol stations (only for auto services) can operate to your specifications, including those authorized to attend 24 hours.

Ou prefeito announced as a “new city” that telemarketing companies will be able to act professionally as a distance meter between them.

Where :

As i showed you Diário do Transporte, From July 9, 2021, or touch to re-glue the city has been suspended and municipal buses operated by BR 7 Mobilidade can run after 10 p.m.


São Bernardo do Campo volta a ter ônibus após às 22h e suspende toque de recolher

Adamo Bazani, journalist specializing in transport

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