SPTrans said the Mercedes-Benz electric bus construction project meets the specifications required for the capital of São Paulo


Chassi, which will be assembled in Brazil, will carry out the performance and performance tests under real operating conditions, the management company responsible for the year told Diário do Transporte


The construction project for the first Mercedes-Benz electric bus to be assembled in Brazil meets the specific specifications of SPTrans (São Paulo Transporte), including management or the system.

Information on the municipal director of the capital of São Paulo in response to the year Diário do Transporte.

SPTrans also informed that Mercedes-Benz is now awaiting data proposals for the start of two field tests on the São Paulo city system.

SPTrans informs that the construction project presented by the builder and the model conforms to the required specifications.

In addition, it is necessary to complete the performance tests and carry out the actual operating conditions. SPTrans is awaiting a declaration from the manufacturer regarding the vehicle’s availability data for testing.

It should be noted that SPTrans does not approve and / or certify bus models. It is up to the company to verify the conformity of the vehicle as established by the standards in force and in our technical vehicle specifications manuals, prepared by the management company.

As i showed you Diário do Transporte, in the presentation of the eO500U model, which took place on August 25, 2021, at Mercedes apontou for the bus to the city of São Paulo as the main market, therefore alone or only.

For the capital of São Paulo, it is planned to start a market with around 150 units.

In addition, the city of São Paulo has the predominance of Mercedes-Benz in our standard type buses, there is a law that stipulates gradual reductions in pollution from municipal buses which in 2037 are limited to CO2 emissions.

Not at the beginning of August, during the presentation of the works of the line 6-Laranja do Metrô by the government of the State of São Paulo, or prefeito of the capital of São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes, which is not an event, says that in the meantime it will bind or end its management In 2024, this traffic jam runs between 2,400 and 2,600 electric buses in the city.

Or eO500U, low floor, can accommodate a 13.2 meter ate body. As the batteries are fully charged between two and a half and three hours. Second to Mercedes-Benz, the range will be 250 kilometers. With six battery packs, it will be possible to travel up to 300 kilometers. There are four packs.

These batteries represent 50% of the total value of the bus and a forecast of one barter every 15 years.

The charging system will be plug-in, or it will be recharged with fixed connectors. Or the price of this vehicle can be three to four times higher than a similar diesel.

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Mercedes-Benz lança o primeiro chassi elétrico com produção no Brasil: eO500U

Adamo Bazani, journalist specializing in transport

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