The bus to Araçatuba (SP) will operate on the 1st day of the liberation of the anti-bomb squad of the military police




The bus services of the city of Araçatuba, and not of the interior of São Paulo, will return to full operation in this quarta-feira on September 1, 2021.

As Linhas Tinham was suspended from the second fair (30) due to criminal attacks on bank branches in the city.

Like the classrooms that were also suspended, I returned to normal nesta quarta-feira (1st)

As i showed you Diário do TransporteThe chegaram bandits to make shields residents and workers, tying you to the hoods of cars and placing you on a fire line.


Araçatuba (SP) sem transporte coletivo por causa de ataques de bandidos na madrugada

Na ação criminosa, duas pessoas and a Morreram bandit.

O GATE (Special Action Group) of the PM (Military Police) disarmed 97 explosives which formed the rear of the town.

Até o moment, five suspeitos foram prisoners.

Adamo Bazani, journalist specializing in transport

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